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A tropical climate is tempered by the northeast tradewinds giving daytime temperatures in the 80sF (28-32C) with nights in the 70sF (15-27C). The Dry season is January – May with the wettest months being June – September but the difference between the seasons is not acute. There tends to be a dry spell in September/October then more rain in November but Tobago is outside the main hurricane belt so less affected than other parts of the Caribbean.


The official language is English, the Time Zone is GMT –4 (summer) or –5 (winter). The currency is Trinidad and Tobago dollar (roughly 10 to the £), Population is 50,000, the island is 26 miles x 7 miles. Independent of Britain since 1962, Trinidad and Tobago (though separate and very different islands) combine to be one of the most prosperous countries of the Caribbean due largely to petroleum and natural gas in Trinidad and tourism in Tobago which is expanding but in a sensitive low key way. Inter island flights mean 2 centre holidays are possible (Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada) and if you want to combine a few days relaxing in Tobago with Carnival in February in Trinidad (home to calypso and steel bands) the crossing is only US$40 return or a ten minute flight.

For visitor information about Tobago, we recommend www.myTobago.info


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